Howwow Online: Estate planning processes and procedures Thursday 11 June 2020

What's it all about?

What all Paraplanners should know about estate planning

In this Howwow special, we’ve asked John Bunker, consultant with Irwin Mitchell, freelance legal and tax trainer and in the process of writing for the The Law Society’s Inheritance Tax Planning Handbook, to take us through some estate planning basics, focussing on the processes and procedures to be aware of. We’ll spend some of the Howwow looking at the special measures taken during COVID-19.

We’ll be discussing:

1.     Changes to the probate application process

  • Major changes to the way applications are made for a grant of probate and the aims of HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS);
  • Limits to applying online
  • How much information is needed and recent changes
  • Where applications are processed and the new Probate Registry.

2. Estates and trusts: Variations within 2 years of death

  • Basics on using sections 142 (estates) and 144 (trusts), Inheritance Tax Act (IHTA) 1984.
  • An introduction to IHT and CGT
  • Potential use of variations for securing spouse exemptions and BPR/APR
  • RNRB and planning through variations

3.  IHT process changes for the Covid-19 crisis

  • IHT accounts: New procedures to adapt to the situation
  • Payments (and repayments) of IHT electronically
  • Help in paying IHT during the crisis

So join us, with your lunch if you’ve managed to hold out to 1pm, as we talk estate planning.

Meet the Howwow panel

  • John Bunker– a freelance lecturer and Consultant Solicitor/Chartered Tax Adviser, Tax Trusts and Estates, at Irwin Mitchell. Chair of CIOT’s Private Client (UK) Taxes Committee, with over 25 years of experience specialising in wills, trusts, estate and tax planning, 23 years as a partner. He is temporarily representing STEP on HMCTS Probate Users Group. John has developed external training work, in a freelance capacity, where he seeks to illuminate technical details with practical insight, to training for MBL, CLT, individual firms, local law societies, branches of STEP, CIOT, SFE and other professional groups.
  • Richard Allum – Founder of The Paraplanners (and manages to run a few paraplanner events, Powwows and Howwows, or something like that).

Q&A: When, where and how much?

Q: When and where will the Howwow take place?
A: This Howwow takes place on our crowdcast channel here and is on Thursday 11 June, 1.00-2.00pm.

Q: What if I can’t make it to the Howwow?
A: That’s the good news. Book a spot and watch a replay of the session whenever it suits you.

Q: How do I book my place and, if so, how much does it cost?
A: It’s FREE. Head over to the Howwow channel by clicking the ‘BOOK NOW’ button on this page, and once there click ‘SAVE MY SPOT’ for the event.

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