Powwow Wales - an informal gathering for paraplanners in and around the South Wales region

What's it all about?

Powwow Wales is an informal gathering for paraplanners to exchange views, learn things, fix things and share things. We’re kickstarting the first one in Wales by heading to the capital, Cardiff.

How will Powwow Wales work?

Because Powwow adopts ‘unconference’ principles, you get to choose the topics you want to discuss.

Perhaps it’s tips on report writing, or something a little bit more technical like say DB transfers? If there’s something you’re just itching to ask other paraplanners, this is the place to raise it.

Why? Because we want to encourage people to share ideas freely and promote best practice and, rest assured you’re welcome to chip in as much or as little as you’d like.

We guarantee you’ll leave Powwow Wales with some great ideas, answers and tips, all brought to you by your fellow paraplanners.

So, be there or miss the siocled*. Did we mention there will be siocled?

*Translation: that’s welsh for chocolate, and you really don’t want to miss that.

Q&A: When, where and how much?

Q: When will Powwow Wales take place?
A: It’ll be an afternoon start of 3pm on 22 June 2017 in Cardiff

Q: Ah. Alright. Where?
A: At the home of Hugh James  – who have kindly offered Powwow space at their offices in the Cardiff – Hodge House, 114-116 St. Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1DY.

Q: What time will the Powwow finish?
A: It’ll last two hours and there will be plenty of chance to carry post-Powwow chat on to a local saloon.

Q: Can I book my place and, if so, how much does it cost?
A: It’s FREE and you can book your place by clicking the big ‘BOOK NOW’ button on this page.

Q: Is the Powwow open to anyone?
A: Powwows have been created by paraplanners for paraplanners. If you’re not a paraplanner – or a guest invited by a Powwow organiser – then the Powwow’s not for you.


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Hugh James, Hodge House, Cardiff, CF10 1DY

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22nd June 2017

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